OSM POI Analyser

Analytical GeoData | Spatial Association Rules | Positional Plausibility

This analytical tool provides metrics and recommendations for positional plausibility of POIs in OpenStreetMap. The analystical techique is based on spatial association rule mining and conexistence patterns. To begin, choose the analytical method, one sample city and POI object. Then zoom in and click on map to start the process.

Please select destination city and POI Object:

Different techniques are used for generating recommendation score. Read more about these methods in How it Works Section
Scoring Method:
Select one of the target cities. At the moment limited number of cities are supported.
Select the Point of Interest that you would like to register on map. We recommend to zoom in enough before clicking on map.
POI Object:
You can register sample POIs from Random database or Existing POIs to measure how recommendation engine works. Select how many POIs you would like to register in bulk mode.
Number of POI:
You can select if random point should be inside city boundary or outside of it.
In City Boundary:
You can filter score ranges for bulk registration. So we only show the results which are in this filter range.
Score From:
Score To:
you can specify the min and max score for colorful score bar manually. This will be only applied on color bar.
Min Score :
2/5 Max : 1/2 Max : 3/5 Max : Max Score :
Defining Max/Min Score Range for Score Bar
In bulk mode, you are able to register existing POIs to evaluate the recommendation engine instead of Random POIs.
Register Existing POI
In bulk mode, you can register random POIs to evaluate the recommendation engine output and compare with existing objects.
Register Random POI
You can swith between bulk registeration or single registration which comes with comprehensive reports.

Please zoom-in and then click on the map to add your new POI (selected from right menu)

Please wait for a few seconds for processing time.